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Why we made this show

There's an old joke that says, "We spend the first year of life teaching a baby to walk and talk. Then we spend the next twenty years telling them to sit down and shut up."  

Funny. And tragic for our civilization..

The 353,000 babies born around the world every day (UNICEF) will need to know how to connect to people in our increasingly globalized and rapidly changing world. They'll need emotional skills as much as technical skills.  And they'll need relationships to get through the tough times and celebrate the good times. We hope this show will help.

Don't get us wrong - we made a show to entertain, not preach. We hope you and your child laugh and have a jolt of happiness from three minutes with us online.  But if that sets the stage for a more vibrant day for everyone, we're glad about that too. 

If you're a parent, we know it's hard to find online content for your toddler or preschooler that doesn't make you cringe with worry. We hope this show is something you can watch together with your child, but if you leave the little one with us...they'll be safe.