Ravi Rao MD PhD M.Ed

Ravi Rao is an actor and television screenwriter based in Los Angeles.

This former Harvard-trained physician left his residency in neurosurgery at the Children’s Hospital of Boston many years ago to bring the wisdom of emotional neuroscience to the business world.

His bestselling business book “Emotional Business” has led him to speaking engagements all over Europe, Asia, and South America. 

Now he comes full circle, bringing the message of emotions to young children through a video series. Designed to promote tolerance, acceptance, connectedness, and resilience, Hello Babies is a modern day Mister Rogers Neighborhood.  

Want to change the world? Show children how to love one another.

Internship & Residency        Harvard / Brigham & Women's Hospital / Children's Hospital of Boston

MD   University of Virginia School of Medicine
PhD  Johns Hopkins School of Public Health (Child Health)
M.Ed University of Illinois, Early Childhood Special Education

Author, "Emotional Business; Inspiring Human Connectedness to Grow Earnings & the Economy"

IMDB  Ravi Rao

Instagram  @RaviActorWriter